What auto policy changes can I make using my PEMCO self-service account?
​You can make a variety of changes to your auto policy, including: add a vehicle, remove a vehicle, change the vehicle use, change the vehicle location address, change coverage(s), and add, remove or update your vehicle loan or lease.
How do I get a quote on a new vehicle?
You can call us directly at 1-800-467-3626, contact your local agent or log into your online account to get a quote. ​
For a vehicle already on my policy, how do I change its status to "stored?"
You can change the use of your vehicle to "stored" by logging into your online account​ and using the Change Vehicle Use or Location feature. Select your auto policy, then select the vehicle you're storing. Update the vehicle's usage under the "Details" section.​
How do I get proof of insurance or an ID card?

Sign in to your online account​, where you can view and print your ID card.

You can also use the Go PEMCO app (available for Android and iPhone​). With the app, you can show your electronic ID card as proof of insurance in both Washington and Oregon (as well as most other states).​