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Frequently asked questions:
Going paperless
Paperless is a way to receive your billing and policy documents electronically. When you enroll in paperless, we'll send you an email when your new billing and policy documents are available for review online. Instead of sorting through papers, you can review, download, and print the documents you want, whenever it's convenient for you.
State regulations require us to send some documents in the mail, such as documentation surrounding cancelations. Most of our documents can be paperless, though.
We have a legal requirement that our customers agree to PEMCO’s online terms and conditions to be paperless. Our systems look for that agreement before deciding whether to send email or mail to each customer. If you receive mail after enrolling in paperless, it may be because you haven’t agreed to PEMCO’s online terms and conditions recently. Simply sign in to your online account, and you’ll be prompted to agree if you haven’t done so since we launched paperless.
  • Stay organized by printing only the documents that are important to you.
  • Be “Northwest green” and help the environment by conserving paper.
  • Learn right away when new versions of your documents are available, thanks to our emails.
  • It’s easy! Simply visit the “Manage account” page (there’s a link at the top of all pages in your online account) and select “Change your choices” in the Paperless choices section.
    No! You can select the choices for each policy where you are the policyholder or additional policyholder. Once that’s done, they’ll be the default choices.
    When the person who pays your policy is someone other than you (e.g., your mortgage company pays your home policy bill), then we must set your paperless choice to “mail” for that policy. In this case, the other party who pays the bill gets the paper bill in the mail. For mortgage companies, we already send them your bill electronically. You’re still being green as you can be!
    We’ll send you an email anytime a billing or policy document is available for your review.
    We send emails to the email address you used to create your online account. If your spouse or other additional policyholder has an online account, that person will get the emails too.
    We send emails to the email address you used to create your online account. If that address isn’t correct, you won’t get your emails. You can correct your address on the “Manage account” page. If it’s already correct but you’re not receiving the emails, check your spam/junk mail filter settings on your email account. If that doesn’t fix it, call us and we’ll sort it out: 1-800-467-3626.
    Update your email address in your online account. Simply visit the “Manage account” page (there’s a link at the top of all pages in your online account) and select “Change email.”
    They’re found in the “View Documents” section of the Documents page. You can see your previous and current bills, all of your PEMCO policies, get proof of insurance documents, and more.
    Sure. Simply un-enroll from paperless by visiting the Paperless choices section on the “Manage account” page. You’ll resume getting your stuff via U.S. Mail. Even if you decide to discontinue paperless, your documents will always be available to you online, for your convenience.
    Absolutely! They’re always available in the “View Documents” section of the Documents page.
    Once you’ve made the change, we’ll send you a confirmation email, and your updated choices will appear on the “Manage account” page.
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