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Rental Insurance That Protects Your Stuff

Your rental often holds everything you own, and PEMCO can help you protect it. We have a wide variety of affordable coverage options to help renters replace everything after a covered event. Premium protection only costs about $200 a year, and there are discounts available if you combine it with your auto coverage.

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Protecting the Things You Love

Renters usually have an average of $30,000 in property that PEMCO can help protect from damage by fire, theft and more.

Personal Property Coverage

PEMCO protects the things in your rental, including furniture, appliances and clothing. It also covers your things when you travel or if belongings are stolen from your car. For expensive items (like jewelry, cameras and computers) you'll want to consider adding more than just the standard insurance.

Replacement Cost Coverage

If your things are stolen or damaged, PEMCO will pay you what it will cost you to replace your belongings at today's prices (instead of what you paid originally or the item's depreciated value).

Loss of Use Coverage

If you can't live in your home due to a covered loss, PEMCO will help you with living expenses while it's being repaired or rebuilt.

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Keeping Liability Off Your Lease

If you're found legally liable for an injury or damage that happens in your home, PEMCO can help defend you.

Personal Liability Coverage

This coverage helps you if you're held legally liable when someone is hurt or something of theirs is damaged while in your home, or while visiting theirs.

Medical Payments to Others Coverage

No matter whose fault it is, PEMCO helps pay medical bills for a guest injured in your apartment. This also covers you if you accidentally injure someone when you're visiting.


Tips & Resources

What if a tree falls across two property lines? Will my Homeowners Policy cover it or will my neighbors?

You and your neighbor should both file a claim with your own insurers. Your policy's liability section may provide coverage if you've been negligent in taking care of the tree, and that negligence contributed to the tree falling. 

The policy will provide coverage for the damage to your home. Debris-removal coverage also will be available, up to $2,000, since the tree damaged a covered structure.​

Will I be covered if my pipes freeze?
The policy does provide coverage for damage from freezing pipes. If the home is vacant, unoccupied or under construction, there’s only coverage if you’ve taken care to heat the home or shut off the water and drain the system.​
When I go on vacation, are my belongings covered?
Yes, the same coverages that protect your belongings at home protect them while you're away on vacation.​
Does my policy cover earthquake damage?
No, they're not covered by our renter, condo or homeowner policies. We understand the need for this important coverage, and PEMCO Agency can help you secure a quote with a specialized earthquake insurance carrier. Please call 1-800-467-3626 to learn more.​
How do you determine my home's replacement cost?
Your home is being insured for what it would cost to rebuild it. Some of the factors we review include geography, cost of materials and labor, ease of access to the site, etc. It's different than an assessed or appraised value. ​
Will my insurance cover me if I can't live in my home because of a claim or an evacuation order?
Your Loss of Use provision will help you with living expenses if you can't live in your home. It can also be triggered without damage to your home if the authorities order an evacuation. If you're evacuated, once you've reached a safe location, please call us at 1-800-467-3626.​
Does my policy cover flood damage?
Damages due to environmental flooding (water outside the home) aren’t covered by renter, condo and homeowner policies. Flood insurance is available through the National Flood Insurance Program. Our professionals at PEMCO Agency can help you get a policy. For more information, call 1-800-467-3626. ​
How do I make sure specific items I own are covered, like jewelry or bikes?
To make sure you have the right level of coverage for these specific items, please contact us​.​