An important part of our ambition to make a positive impact on society includes understanding and respecting our environmental impacts. Acting as environmental stewards, we want to understand climate risks, source and use resources responsibly.


Our resource-saving workplaces and sustainable business practices help us work toward a cleaner future. As a leading Northwest insurer, we provide industry expertise and formulate public policy solutions that both mitigate weather-related risks and reduce impacts on those most vulnerable.


Responsible Resource Use

  • We reduce waste by providing water stations and encourage the use of reusable cups. Our customers are offered many options to pay their bills — electronic billing and recurring monthly payments both reduce the amount of paper that customers receive. We recycle packing materials and corrugated boxes, and we use compostable and recyclable service items in kitchen and cafĂ© areas where possible.

Healthy Buildings

  • We take pride in our green-friendly buildings — we’ve created warm, inclusive, attractive and innovative interior and outdoor spaces for our customers and employees. We use LED lighting, VRF HVAC systems, occupancy sensors and automated software to reduce energy consumption. We continue to make strides in energy conservation and next-generation building safety practices with the help of our customers and partners.

Eco-Conscious Vehicles

  • We measure our fleet’s overall efficiency and seek ways to reduce emission intensity. We manage vehicle maintenance closely and use four cylinder EcoBoost vehicles with an evolution path to hybrid-electric, flex-fuel in our fleet. Our commuter programs encourage alternative modes of transportation or limiting trips to and from the office. With features like electric charging stations, carpool spaces, bicycle parking and subsidized bus passes.

Climate change

As environmental stewards, we are thoughtful consumers of resources and materials so future generations have access to the same variety of materials we do.

We seek to address climate change through knowledge of climate risks that directly affect our customers, stakeholders and insurance products.

Climate volatility means we must keep current with changes in climate policy, technology and physical risks. Our risk management approach considers the changing severity and frequency of weather-related natural events.


Building a better Northwest.