PEMCO is transitioning all auto policies from an annual term to a 6-month term. This change is effective Feb. 24, 2023, in Oregon and March 26, 2023, in Washington.  
We’re moving from an annual to a 6-month policy term. A shorter policy term allows us to respond more quickly to changing market conditions, and you may have access sooner to new features and benefits.  
Among the benefits, changing to a 6-month auto policy term means new policy offerings and discounts may be available to you sooner. In addition, tickets and accidents may be considered in rating for a shorter period, and premiums for young drivers may improve more quickly.  

Four payment plans are available, based on your eligibility:  

  • Full Pay – Pay the full premium in one installment. If you choose Full Pay, you’ll qualify for a paid-in-full discount  

  • 50% – Your premium is divided into two installments 

  • Easy-Pay – Your premium is divided between the remaining months the policy is in-force and payments are automatically deducted via electronic funds transfer 

  • Monthly – For eligible new business, the initial amount is 30% of the total term premium with the remaining premium divided over the five remaining months.  For renewal business, there are six monthly installments.  

The transition to a 6-month policy term itself will have no effect on your premium. However, there are other factors that may impact your rate. You can reach out to our Customer Service Team at 1-800-467-3626 at any time to review your policy in depth.
We included a notification in your renewal packet.
No. All PEMCO auto policies will have a 6-month policy term going forward. 
Yes. Let us know as soon as possible when there is a new driver or a new vehicle to add to your policy.  You can reach PEMCO Customer Service at 1-800-467-3626 to review your policy.