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Lost luggage doesn't have to spoil your holidays

Monday, December 16, 2019by  Jaime Layng

Q. I'm traveling for the holidays and my luggage just went missing! Does my insurance cover any of it?

A. Yes! Your renter, condo, or homeowners policy covers your belongings anywhere in the world.

The holidays are a busy time of year with gift-shopping, wrapping, and traveling by ground or air to celebrate with friends and family.

But traveling comes with risk: Each year we take claims from folks whose baggage didn't make it to their destination, or their belongings went missing from a hotel room after settling in. It's not uncommon to hear exasperated customers recount all the things they brought with them that they often assume aren't covered when they're away from home.

However, in your time of need PEMCO comes through! With your PEMCO renter, condo, or homeowners policy, we cover your belongings even if they're not at your residence. Theft is a covered peril within the contract, and by adding a common endorsement to your policy, your belongings can also be covered for loss and mysterious disappearance.

When traveling by car, it's best to lock and secure your belongings as best you can. Never leave anything visible through the windows, and secure important items in the trunk if you're unable to store them in a safer location away from the vehicle.

When traveling by air, lock your luggage to help prevent tampering. Using a TSA lock is best because TSA agents will cut and remove non-TSA locks that hinder a routine bag search. As with many luggage locks, TSA locks are not the most durable, but they should at least help prevent your bags from flying open on the conveyer belt or in the storage compartment of the plane, reducing the chance you'll lose anything important.

For those times when all the preventive measures you've taken weren't enough to avoid theft, if you bought travel insurance, it might provide coverage. Your credit-card issuer may also offer travel protection if some or all of your travel arrangements were made using their card. If not, contact PEMCO to discuss what we can do for you. One of our experienced agents can help you begin the claim process to get you back on track.

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