Drum line and spoken word propel PEMCO's message to vote


A drum line starts with a single beat, a single drummer, a single voter; then builds into a fast-paced, inspiring and motivational chorus of drummers, underscoring that every beat -- just like each vote in the upcoming election -- is important. The music builds to crescendo and culminates with the message: BE HEARD. VOTE.

“Every Beat Matters” video from PEMCO Insurance hits an inspiring note for our community-focused get-out-the-vote campaign.

The piece features local artists -- spoken word poets and musicians, including drummers from Edmonds Woodway High School -- and we filmed at the Showbox-Sodo in Seattle. The video's message is simple: democracy, much like music, works best when everyone participates. “Like the song, democracy is perfected with each voice,” the poem reads in part. Every-Beat-Matters-Showbox.jpg

Studies show that during the last midterm elections, less than 40 percent of all eligible voters across the U.S. voted, and we want to support ongoing efforts to encourage more people to vote.

PEMCO has 70 years of being an active partner in our communities – volunteering, supporting nonprofits, and sharing our expertise. It's great to build on our long committment to community with a call to action as important as voting. It was amazing to see the collaboration between drummers and poets the days the music and video were recorded.

Feel free to share the video and join others by posting a photo of where you vote this year, include #whereivote2018. And remember ...

Vote by Nov. 6!

by  PEMCO Insurance



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