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Discounts for a complete home defense

Your home is likely your biggest investment, and PEMCO comprehensive coverage comes at very competitive prices. Most people qualify for a discount on their policy.

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Claims-Free Discount

No claims in three years? You’ve earned some savings.

Home Plus Auto Discount

Cover your car and home with PEMCO, and you can save on both.

Educator Discount

You qualify even if you’re not a teacher. Save if you work for a school (public or private), community college or university, and keep the discount when you retire.

Protection Device Discount

Save when you use fire, gas, theft and water devices that have alarms, are self- or centrally monitored or have an automatic shutoff.

Sprinkler Discount

You'll save if your home has a sprinkler system.

Newer Home Discount - Oregon

Oregon homeowners can save if their home is less than 15 years old. The newer your home, the more you save.

Note: For Washington homeowners, the age of the home is considered in rating.

Fire-Resistive Construction Discount

Save if your home is built from fire-resistant materials. You’ll get a discount when your outside walls, floors and roof are made of concrete, stone, tile, brick and/or gypsum block.