Seven things you never thought about when buying a car (but wish you had)

Friday, March 15, 2019by  PEMCO Insurance

​Heated seats? Rust-proofing? And how about fabric protector for that next feast on the go?car dealership lot

So many choices when buying a car! To those, we'd like to add a few not-so-obvious considerations to help you enjoy your new car even more when you drive it off the lot:

  • Check insurance rates. Think both now and later. If, for example, you'll add a teen to the policy someday, a high-powered V-8 or turbocharged car will cost more to insure.
  • Make sure you spouse test drives, too. Different heights or back, hip or neck issues can make your perfect car not-so-perfect for your partner.
  • Bring the kids along. Can you easily get toddlers in and out of their car seats? Can your teen squeeze into the backseat?
  • Say "show me the features." State-of-the-art sounds great until you realize it's overly complicated or, worse, potentially annoying (for example, automatic start-stop and lane departure warning).
  • Check the date the Carfax was printed. It will tell you how long a used car has been sitting there. If it's been a couple of months, the dealer may be willing to cut the price just to move it.
  • Don't bother detailing your trade-in. You likely won't get any more for it, and you'll wish you'd used the effort and expense on something you love.
  • Time your trade-in. If possible, do it right before your tabs are due (new tabs won't boost the value of the car). If you're still paying off your trade-in, try to sign the deal on your new car before your next payment is due. You'll have a little extra cash in your pocket to spend on a great accessory for your new car!​

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