Safety first: PEMCO honors Red Cross Month

March 1, 2024 by PEMCO Insurance


At PEMCO, we take our role seriously when it comes to keeping our communities safe – which is why we’re committed to supporting the mission of organizations like the American Red Cross and the important work they do to help keep our communities safe. 

Over the past 40 years, we’ve joined Red Cross in mitigating home fires through education and smoke alarm installations, we’ve supported response and relief efforts during wildfire, flood, and severe storm events, and we listen and learn through employee board service and more.  

March is National Red Cross Month 

Red Cross Month is an annual tradition during the month of March to recognize the people who make the Red Cross mission possible. The month also serves as an open invitation to join in by learning more about their work, volunteering, giving blood, learning a lifesaving skill, or making changes that help mitigate the impact of disasters to your own home and property.

Disasters are hitting the Northwest region more frequently and with greater intensity. Red Cross is ready to respond all day, every day to disasters big and small, including wildfires and flooding. In 2023, 1,000+ Red Cross home fire workers provided critical services to help families prepare for and recover from home fires in Washington as part of their Home Fire Campaign. 

Throughout the Northwest region, large-scale floods, storms, and wildfires have led to more open evacuation shelters and overnight stays in the last three years than in the previous ten years combined. When these kinds of disasters strike, Red Cross provides shelter, food, health and mental support. 

Amplifying the work of the Red Cross  

Whether it be through volunteerism, employee giving campaigns, or co-led safety campaigns, PEMCO has found creative ways to support the Red Cross mission.  We’ve even helped expand their Community Emergency Vehicle fleet as they work to meet the needs of our PNW community near and far. In addition, two PEMCO employees volunteer their time to serve on their local Red Cross chapters’ Board of Directors—Phil Cole, Director, Underwriting Operations & Analytics; and Albery Lockhart, Claims Manager. 

Lockhart, who sits on the Greater Inland Northwest chapter, says he likes to serve with the Red Cross because it means giving back to his community, but he also values the example it sets for his daughters.  

“I’m able to show them that the world is bigger than our home, and there are people who are in need of help,” he said. 

Cole sits on the Board of Directors for the Red Cross King County chapter in Seattle. 

“Both PEMCO and the Red Cross respond to times of individual crisis,” Cole said. “Their mission is to prevent and alleviate human suffering during emergencies. It’s only natural that we would support the Red Cross.” 

Thank you to our PEMCO people who live out our mission every day through their commitment to our communities. 

How can you get involved? 

The Red Cross can do what they do because of the help of community partners like you! There are many different ways for you to get involved—this month (Red Cross Month) or any month!  

Here are a few ideas: 

  • Give blood. There is a constant need for blood donors in the Northwest and beyond. 

  • Train for an emergency. Red Cross offers many classes that can help ensure you’re prepared for the unexpected. Learn life-saving skills today. 

  • Volunteer your time. Your time and talent can make a meaningful impact on those around you.  

This month, we encourage you to remember that every action makes a difference. Whether you’re learning a lifesaving skill like CPR, installing a smoke detector where there wasn’t one before, or giving blood, these individual choices have an impact. 

Thank you, Red Cross, for your 40 years of partnership! 

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