PEMCO donation gets Red Cross Community Emergency Vehicle on the road! 

Wednesday, September 8, 2021by  PEMCO Insurance

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At PEMCO, we take our role seriously when it comes to keeping our communities safe – and we're proud to support likeminded organizations who do the same.  

 The American Red Cross brings together local volunteers to care for their neighbors, trains hundreds of thousands of people each year in lifesaving skills and responds to local disasters across the country every day.  

PEMCO has a long history of partnering with the Red Cross to do good in our communities. Most recently, we provided a donation of a Community Emergency Vehicle that will enable the Red Cross to continue keeping our communities safe across the Greater Inland Northwest.

IMG-1971.jpgThe Red Cross maintains a fleet of vehicles, referred to as "Community Emergency Vehicles" that are used for mission delivery every day. These vehicles are particularly impactful because they not only deliver disaster relief, but they also do so much more. Here are just a few of the other ways they help keep communities safe:  

  • Take supplies and volunteers to disaster operations or home fire responses 
  • Transport care packages for patients at a local Veterans Affairs hospital  
  • Attend community meetings with partners agencies to plan for emergencies 
  • Get instructors and training supplies to community first aid and CPR classes  
  • Shepherd units of blood collected during a local blood drive to a processing facility to undergo rigorous testing before being delivered to patients in need 
  • And more!  

PEMCO employee and member of the Red Cross Board of Directors for the Greater Inland Northwest Chapter, Albery Lockhart, appreciates the impact the Community Emergency Vehicle will have: 

"The Red Cross is grateful for the Community Emergency Vehicle that PEMCO provided," he said. "Bearing the Red Cross emblem, these vehicles are often the first visible sign that the Red Cross is there to help, bringing comfort and hope to people in need. The vehicle that was purchased has four-wheel drive, which is needed in our neck of the woods. This will give our volunteers the ability to safely reach many places that other vehicles couldn't, in the mountains and during snowy weather. Each time our volunteers make it to their destination, we'll know that PEMCO helped to make our mission possible." 

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