Hotel safety for the family this holiday season

November 1, 2021 by PEMCO Insurance

Many of us are looking forward to traditional holiday season with in-person rather than Zoom get-togethers. If that means staying at a hotel, you'll want to brush up on these safety reminders for the whole family, some of which start before you even check in:

Woman checking in to hotel room.For personal safety 

  1. Don't accept a room if the desk attendant announces the room number where someone else could overhear. Explain your concern and ask the attendant to assign you to a different room with the number written on a slip of paper. Don't write the number on the card sleeve if you plan to keep the cardkey in it, in case you lose it. 
  1. Avoid a ground-floor room to reduce your chances of a break-in, but for fire safety, try not to stay above the seventh floor. 
  1. Locate the emergency exit nearest your room in case of fire. 
  1. Kid-proof your room if you're traveling with toddlers. That means getting down on hands and knees to make sure there are no hidden choking hazards (like loose change) under the bed, duct-taping over unused electrical outlets, ensuring loaner cribs are safe and sturdy, moving cutlery in the kitchenette out of reach and repositioning lamps so they can't be pulled down by their cords. 
  1. Check that all window and door locks work, including the lock on an adjoining room. Always use the deadbolt lock when you're inside your room. 
  1. Don't open the door to an unexpected knock. If a visitor claims to be hotel staff, don't open the door without first calling the front desk to verify they've sent someone.  
  1. Use the main lobby entrance after dark and don't go in if someone is lingering, waiting for a guest to arrive and open the door. 

For Covid safety 

  1. Vaccination minimizes risk for everyone traveling with you and everyone you contact along the way. If you'll be doubling up in a room with someone who doesn't live in your household, ask about your roommate's vaccination status. 
  1. Follow local mask requirements when you're in public spaces. 
  1. If possible, open a window for a few minutes when you arrive in your room. The added ventilation will help clear viral particles that could be lingering in the air. If you're uncomfortable with the housekeeping staff entering your room during your stay, use the "do not disturb" sign or ask the front desk to suspend service to your room. 
  1. Carry sanitizing wipes and use them to disinfect high-touch surfaces like door handles, drapery pulls and the TV remote.  
  1. Avoid shared-use facilities like gyms and pools during peak hours. 
  1. Room service or takeout is a great option for avoiding crowded restaurants or minimally ventilated spaces. 

For parking lot safety 

  1. Clean out your car to avoid the appearance that you may be hiding valuables under a stack of coats. Use the in-room safe, not your car trunk, to store valuables. 
  1. Park as close as possible to the main entrance, ideally in view of security cameras, in a well-lighted spot.  
  1. Double-check that all car doors and windows are locked
  1. Prevent a "fob job" by placing your car key inside a metal can or RFID-blocking sleeve once you reach your room. Learn more about (thankfully rare) fob jobs here.  

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