Sounders Honor Zakuani with a 3-0 Victory

Saturday sun was shining, Sounders FC fans were shouting, and a touching tribute to Steve Zakuani stunned everyone in attendance. As the PEMCO team embraced the incredible Seattle weather Saturday before the Sounders FC 7:00 p.m. kickoff, people holding placards with the number "11" on them danced through the streets of downtown, the foreground of PEMCO's Northwest Profile Pictures and into Qwest Field, where surprise had been brewing since Zakuani's unfortunate accident. When the stadium clock displayed 11:00, 36,287 fans jumped in their seats and raised the "11" placards in honor of Zakuani. To find out Zakuani's emotional response to the recognition, read more here. The Sounders continued on to an emotional 3-0 victory over Toronto FC.

As PEMCO Brand Ambassadors, we see a lot of people come through to get their pictures taken, and two people we can always count on to see are the father-son duo: Jarred and Duffy. They stop by to say hi, come by for a Northwest Profile Picture, or play in the PEMCO 2011 Foos Cup. It's our honor to have you both come by and remind us We're a Lot Like You, A Little Different.

Father-son duo of Jared and Duffy representing themselves
at the PEMCO 2011 Foos Cup


A family viewing their Northwest Profile Picture

Can you beat 29 goals? Can you beat a team of two? Well, we have prizes for accomplishing both so stop by the PEMCO booth before kickoff at the next Sounders game on May 14th at 8:00 pm!

by  WALLY Team



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