Don't get burned!

Protect yourself from wildfire

Northwest fire map

Active Northwest fires will appear in the map below.
Explore past and current Northwest wildfires at NCCWEB.

Everyone suffers in wildfires, and this past summer saw extreme wildfire devastation across the Northwest.

Rebuilding after losing a home to fire can be a long, arduous, painful experience for everyone involved, and we want to help you avoid it. That’s why we’re shouting the message: Don’t Get Burned! Protect your property from wildfire.

In a normal year, most rural homeowners wait until spring to Firewise their property. But this year, we recommend you don’t wait. If your property needs brush cleared, trees de-limbed, and a buffer of defensible space cleared around your home, do it this fall – you'll get a head start on preventing fire next year.

Don't get burned! Protect yourself from wildfire