Happy birthday, Samoas!

Late night? Need to allocate more resources? A few Samoas should suffice to boost performance.

Northwest profile #10
Ponytailed software geek

I've come up with a great recipe that includes the Samoa. Check it out, and recipes from other NW food bloggers here!

Northwest profile #63
Belltown regional fare uber-foodie

Our perfect s’mores recipe: one marshmallow, two Samoas, and a dry campfire.

Northwest profile #60
Blue tarp campers

Oh Samoa, I love thee so, down to your toasty coconut flakes, forever peppering my beard.

Northwest profile #37
Whiskers of wonder

Forget the raisins, nuts, and power gel. I’m all about a midday Samoa boost.

Northwest profile #5
NW male action figure

At the precise moment my half-caf skinny latte has cooled exactly 15 degrees, I dunk one Samoa – only one. Just ¾ in. Perfect.

Northwest profile #76
The super long coffee orderer

I buy Samoas by the case.
Because I can.

Northwest profile #36
Accidental tech millionaire

Trixie and I think Samoas are the perfect human treat. And I earned one, right? I’ve been so good!

Northwest profile #23
Marymoor off-leash dog lady

Someday I’ll find him. We’ll sit on the riverbank, quietly sharing a box of Samoas. Someday.

Northwest profile #13
Desperately seeking sasquatch

Here’s a tip: Brighten up your new home with a box or two of Samoas; they really tie a room together.

Northwest profile #42
Your friend who won't stop talking about real estate

I’m hooked! Samoas are one catch I’ll never release.

Northwest profile #49
Spokane fishing junkie

Huddle up! Nice hustle, everyone. We really left our best out there on the field. Samoas for everybody!

Northwest profile #24
Sammamish plateau coach

To prevent my bow from sticking to my fingers, I enjoy Samoas after the hunt.

Northwest profile #19
Ellensburg bowhunter

I keep Samoas on hand at all times. I could be snowed in at any moment!

Northwest profile #1
First snowflake freakout lady

Happy birthday, Samoas!

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