What is your “Y”?

When you bring your why/Y to Our PEMCO it becomes Your PEMCO.

Whether it’s work-life balance, loving what you do, living and working locally, or supporting your community, you’ll find it at PEMCO.

We’re “a little different” place, where you can bring your whole self to work.

Working at PEMCO:
Our culture

​Relationships form the center of all that we do. It’s OK to be yourself here as you build connections with customers, prospects, and your colleagues. 

Companies distinguish themselves in lots of ways, for example by being innovative or always having the lowest price. PEMCO sets itself apart with relationships. That’s a natural fit since we hire people who believe in serving customers and their community.​

​​​Be valued for the passion, skill, and creativity you bring to work every day. PEMCO always will be a work in progress. Come make our PEMCO your PEMCO. 

What might your PEMCO look like? Think big-company strength with small-company zeal. Sure, we’re all moving in the same direction and understand what it takes to win. But there’s plenty of room for you to be yourself in how that happens, and there's an opportunity for you to have an impact in a smaller company.​

​As different as we are individually, everyone at PEMCO shares a commitment to doing the right thing. It’s who we are. Feel great at the end of the day knowing you’ve made a real difference to real people by delivering on real promises.

​Is PEMCO right for you? It just might be if your idea of a great day at work means collaborating as part of a team, learning, growing, and taking smart risks to serve customers in the same way you’d like to be served. Twenty-two percent of people who join PEMCO are referred by friends who already work here!

​​​In 1949, a school teacher saw a better way to “do insurance” that put people first. His vision helped make us the Northwest’s largest locally owned insurance company. Original thinkers still welcome here!

​Twenty-seven percent of job openings are filled by current employees advancing their careers.

​​​Why PEMCO? Why not PEMCO? We believe in open doors and the importance of trust in a relationship. We’re owned by our customers – not stockholders – so we’re not beholden to Wall Street.

​We’re different in lots of little ways, too. Real people – not recorded messages – answer the phones. We offer college scholarships for employees’ children. Heck, we even send employees' children a gift on their birthdays! Maybe that’s why employees stick with us more than two times longer than their peers who work for other insurance companies (11.2 years vs. an industry average of 5.2 years).

​Join the like-minded folks who take a paid workday each year to volunteer in the community, and feel proud knowing PEMCO supports non-profits that make the Northwest a better place to live, work, learn, and play.

​PEMCO has its own philanthropic arm – PEMCO Foundation – that supports community partners including United Way, Ronald McDonald House, Pacific Science Center, Junior Achievement, and many others. What cause fuels your passion?

“PEMCO recognizes the importance of a healthy work-life balance.”