Queen Anne Public Stairs



​So, it's not your typical hike with nature trails and wild flora and fauna, but the dozens of routes found of the Queen Anne Public Stairs make up my favorite Northwest urban hike. Of the over 500 public stairs in Seattle, Queen Anne is home to more than 100. There's even an interactive map and guide to keep track of them all at qastairs.com.

What I love about hiking around on these historic stairs: there's always a new route to discover, you get a quiet connection to nature without leaving Seattle, and you can see the city from different angles. Lake Union, the Space Needle, Elliott Bay, and the Olympic Mountains all have their own lookout points.

Check out the view from Kerry Park. On any given day (and time), this famous photo-op spot is abuzz with photographers, families, runners, and locals all clamoring for an opening to snap their own Seattle skyline shot. The view never gets old and always looks different with the changing seasons. This day, the fog rolled in over the sound to paint the city in pastel hues, and the regal Mount Rainier brushed itself into the background.

Bring a camera. Find stairs at qastairs.com.

City views
2 miles round trip