Mineral Ridge



​The hike is called Mineral Ridge and is a moderate, short hike with great views that can be done at a leisurely pace in an hour and a half by most. It is also a great 3.3 mile trail run for those who are so inclined. You will walk uphill all the way from the parking lot to the top of the ridge about 700 feet above the trail head. At the top there are great views of lake Coeur d’Alene and then the trail is downhill back to the parking lot. As you can see on the back there is a short 400’ spur on the way up that goes to the beginning of an old mine. The cave/mine goes in about 25 feet and is interesting to see. Views from the western-most end of the ridge on the way down are amazing, especially near sunset.

I am an avid hiker and a trail runner and I still enjoy this one but it is also short enough and rewarding enough that I have taken youth groups and non-hiking family members who have also enjoyed the trail.

Most of the trail is shaded by old growth forest and there are twenty-two marked stations describing the local plants and animals (see the key at this link). If you go in mid to late December, you are certain to see eagles feeding on salmon at or near the parking lot which is located in Beauty Bay on Lake Coeur d’Alene. The trail may be snowed in at that time of year though. I have seen deer and Elk from the trail, others have reported Moose sightings. There are no parking or trail fees.

Watch for wildlife

No parking fee