Women On The Water Become Women in the Water at the 2011 Dragon Boat Festival

Washington surprised us with its beautiful, but infrequent, sun for the 2011 Rainier Dragon Boat Festival held at Thea's Park in downtown Tacoma. Competition was fierce as 31 teams participated in the extreme, 500-meter, tidal impacted waterway course.

Teams practice three times a week in preparation for the major events.

Before the race, vendors and teams lined the waterfront with canopies on the grass under bright, blue skies.On the way to the start line, teams stopped by the PEMCO booth for a group photo, where sun-kissed brand ambassadors were eager to snap and print lasting memories.

During the race, Team WOW, short for "Women on the Water," received more than they bargained for when the waves from a nearby ship capsized their boat. After the roughly two-dozen teammates became "Women in the Water," a team effort from the assailing ship brought everyone safely to shore, where they received a warm welcome from spectators.

It was a community effort assisting the women to shore!

The Tacoma Rainier Dragon Boat Festival is one of many, similar events happening all over the world. Teams from all over the Northwest travel to Tampa Bay, Germany and Taiwan to compete. Although these places are unique and exciting in themselves, the PEMCO Brand Ambassadors were happy participate in making each team's Tacoma experience something a little different!

Racers of all ages are more than welcome to create a team and be a part of the paddling community!

To see the results of this year's race, visit Washington Dragon Boat Association.

by  WALLY Team



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