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Why our CEO is 'a little different'

Tuesday, August 13, 2013by  Kerri Kobara

It’s a typical workday, and instead of being in the office, my company’s CEO Stan McNaughton is hanging out at Alki Beach in West Seattle. He had a good reason, though: He was there for a photo shoot for the Puget Sound Business Journal – PEMCO was in the running to be one of the newspaper’s 2013 Washington’s Best Workplaces.

IStan and others at photo shoot at Alki Beach haven’t been to many photo shoots, but I think this one was probably out of the ordinary. The photo shoot consisted of Stan and three other CEOs from Northwest companies sitting in chairs around a table in shallow water along Alki Beach. Oh, and hardly anyone was in what you’d consider corporate attire: Stan was wearing socks and sandals, and one CEO was even dressed as a pirate! Not only did Stan agree to sit with his feet and legs in the icy water, he was clearly enjoying it. He laughed and smiled frequently, and cracked jokes.

I’ve come to realize that he really isn’t your typical CEO. During my internship at PEMCO, Stan made time to meet with me individually, just to chat about my experience. He often eats in the cafeteria with coworkers, and even sat at the intern table one day. His car sports a “Socks and Sandals Guy” bumper sticker. He’s very involved in the community, and volunteers for projects like cleaning up Stevens Pass. He’s accessible, down to earth, and passionate about PEMCO and the Northwest.

And when it comes down to it, Stan is all about having fun. He’s dedicated to his work and company, but he never forgets to enjoy the ride and laugh along the way. While at the photo shoot on Alki Beach, he was having a blast chatting with the photographer and clearly enjoying being outside and meeting new people. No diva attitude here!

We found out last week that our company didn’t win the top award in the Best Workplaces contest – but that’s OK. The photo shoot was a fun experience, one of several I had while working in the Marketing department this summer. I already knew first-hand that PEMCO was a unique place to work. And after spending the afternoon with our CEO, I know Stan is truly “a little different” too.

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personJudy-Kay Gale04/11/2015 11:50 PM
Greetings from ST. Catharine's Ontario! I invite you and yours to visit our city and spread some sparkle,  certainly sounds and looks like you know what your doing.  Marilyn Walker Performing Arts Centre Opening 2015.
personJill08/14/2013 11:56 AM
PEMCO IS a fun place to work - much thanks to Stan. I told my 10 year old about a project I'm working on at PEMCO and she said, "you're lucky you get to do fun stuff at work". She's right.

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