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Which personality traits make your teen a distracted driver?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016by  Sharlyn Petit

You would think that personality traits like “conscientious” and “dependable” lead to less-distracted drivers, but researchers from the University of Alabama have found otherwise.

In a study that asked different age groups to track their distracted driving habits, extroverted, agreeable teens were actually less distracted than their conscientious peers.

Here’s how the study linked personality traits to distraction:

  • Agreeableness = Less phone interaction because the “cooperative and warm nature may lead [teens] to prioritize rules of the road and others’ safety above messaging their friends.”

  • Conscientiousness = Most likely to interact with phone while driving because the “need to be seen as dependable by peers may trigger an urge to respond promptly to messages, even when driving.”

Interesting! Who knew those dependable rule-followers would have a higher tendency for distraction than the extroverted social butterflies?


In any case, teens and parents should limit distractions and leave the multitasking to the classroom or the office.


Read more about the study on the Huffington Post Healthy Living blog.

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