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West Seattle Art Walk: Art With a Side of Bacon

Friday, April 9, 2010by  WALLY Team

Seattle was hit with just about every type of inclement weather on Thursday — from ominous gray clouds unleashing hail to wind gusts of epic force.  Fortunately, the skies cleared up just as Steven and I headed over to the West Seattle Art Walk to join our fellow NW Profile #81 'Art Gallery Crawlers' for an evening of beautiful Northwest artistry, tapestry and photography.  


If there was any doubt as to why art walks are so popular, it became clear at the West Seattle Art Walk — we Northwesterners love events that combine art, exercise and hors d'oeuvres.  Oh, and a little bacon doesn't hurt either.  That's right, bacon!  Local artist Kathy Rose has dedicated herself to the art of the delicious breakfast food.  Her works feature bacon strips of various shapes and designs engaging in every-day activities.  She described her inspiration by simply saying, 'Everybody loves bacon! I just want to make people laugh with my art.'  She certainly got a chuckle out of us. Check out one of Kathy's bacon works below: 


man working at desk felt 


Kathy even convinced Steven and I to dress up in her matching bacon costumes, to the delight of many of our fellow art gallery crawlers strolling by: 


bacon dressed men 

Art Gallery Crawlers Clara and Dan strike a pose with us in our new bacon suits


After satisfying our taste buds with bacon galore, we thought it would be appropriate to treat our eardrums to some live jazz at local coffee shop Coffee to a Tea with Sugar.  Billy and the Bouncers entertained young and old alike as they played soothing classics to serenade visitors as we enjoyed the art on display.  


band playing together 

Billy and the Bouncers kept the smooth jazz going all evening


Our night wasn't fully complete until we got a glimpse of the Twilight Artist Collective.  Word had spread about the collection of Washington-inspired artwork, and the place was packed with artists and art appreciators alike. One of the most popular displays featured paintings from John Osgood, the same artist who completed the 'Awake to a New Aurora' mural.  We immediately recognized his work because it possesses a distinct Northwest vibe— the style looks and feels just 'a little different.'


John Osgood art mural 

We love the quirky works of local artist John Osgood


We know it's called an art walk, but we recommend running to the next one in your area. You never know what you'll experience, which is precisely what makes the walk so special.  


We're already strapping on our running shoes for our next event — Join us this Saturday as we gear up for the Tulip Festival's 5K Run in Burlington. See you there!

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