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WALLY joins NW Action Figures of all ages at the Evergreen Mountain Bike Festival

Monday, June 10, 2013by  Mikki Valentine

Though the day started out to be cloudy and gray, NW Action Figures of all ages showed up at Duthie Hill Park in Issaquah for the Evergreen Mountain Bike Festival. The weather quickly turned around into a beautiful day, allowing mountain bikers to hit the trails.

This all-day festival never had a dull moment, with a poker ride, races and demonstrations for riding and fixing mountain bikes. For our younger NW Action Figures there were treasure hunts, arts and crafts and mini-timed runs.

A popular demonstration, captivating to those young and old, was the NW Trials. Mountain bike trials are a disciplined form of riding, the rider attempts to pass through an obstacle course with abnormal obstacles. The rider may have to jump or use one wheel to get from a box over a stack of pallets and more to finish the obstacle. NW Trials was out and giving lessons to festival attendees, trial specific bikes were even available for use.

Duthie Hill Park seems to be the best-kept-secret in Issaquah, and every mountain biker’s dream. For those who don’t know, the park officially opened for riding in 2010, when phase 1 of construction was completed.

The 130-acre park includes six miles of cross country bike trails and two miles of freeride trails with jumps and built features. There’s also a central clearing that includes a shelter and kids’ biking area for opportunities to build skills. The park sees more than 75,000 riders per year. Phase 2 is now complete in finishing the park and phase 3 is well on its way!

For more information about Duthie Hill Park, you can look here and for more information about the Evergreen Mountain Bike Festival please visit www.evergreenmtb.org



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