WALLY joins Girls on the Run of Puget Sound for Spring 5k


Over the weekend, the WALLY team joined the Girls on the Run of Puget Sound for its graduation 5k, which brings young girls and their families out to Seward Park to celebrate the culminiation of a 10-week after school running program. Many participants arrived bright and early to prepare for the run and enjoy all the pre-race festivities.

There was motivational music to get the runners pumped up before they took off. Athletic trainers from Seattle Children’s Hospital and Seattle Storm mascot Doppler took the stage and led a variety of stretches to help the girls and their running buddies properly prepare for the run. We were all very excited to see the Seattle Storm’s very own Temeka Johnson and Nakia Sanford join in on the stretching as well! Afterward, the two players stopped by the PEMCO booth to have their photo taken with one of our PEMCO bears.

It's easy to forget that stretching is a very important part of exercising and it can often prevent injuries. The Seattle Children’s athletic trainers reminded us of important tips to keep in mind when stretching and warming up before exercising:

  1. Always stretch the major muscles.
  2. Start with running in place to get your whole body warmed up.
  3. When stretching your quad muscles, which requires standing on one leg, use a buddy if you need help with your balance.
  4. Stretching your arms before exercising is just as important as stretching your legs.
  5. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids before and during exercise so you don’t cramp up.

It was great to see all the girls take their stretching and warm-up seriously to prevent injuries and allow them to perform their very best. Afterward, there was a fantastic post-race festival to celebrate the achievements of each participant. The 5k definitely didn’t tire these girls out, as they sang and danced to the music with big smiles on their faces. The best part of this day was by far seeing so many young girls accomplish such big goals, and they all had the smiles on their faces to prove it! 

by  Kelsey Preston



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