WALLY hangs out with Webbly at the AquaSox game

A rainout the previous night didn’t leave a cloud in the sky on Saturday, as thousands of AquaSox fans gathered in Everett for the Second Annual AquaSox Family Festival.  It was a great night for a doubleheader, as the WALLY team attended an event that was dedicated to America's pastime; baseball. 

It was cool seeing current Mariner Kyle Seager’s little brother, Justin, take the field in the second game. Hopefully he’ll be joining his big bro's team in the near future!

The WALLY team was there taking our popular souvenir photos when AquaSox mascot, Webbly, decided to stop by! This friendly frog is a fan-favorite and definitely added to the excitement of our photos. If you missed Webbly this weekend, be sure to check out his Facebook page. Thanks, Webbly, for sticking around to take pictures with your fans! Unfortunately we we’re unable to find any Quiet Everett Aerospace Engineers this time around, but we’ll make sure to keep our eyes peeled next time we’re at an AquaSox game!

by  Justin Dellinger



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