WALLY gets "Funny in Greenwood" at the 63rd annual Greenwood Seafair Parade

Thursday, July 25, 2013by  Kelsey Preston

On Wednesday, WALLY participated in the ever-popular Greenwood Seafair Parade. WALLY was just one of 100 different parade entrants, which included local celebrity Pat Cashman who also stars on “The 206.”

The team was joined by a fabulous group of PEMCO employees and their families, who helped us hand out candy and dog treats to the parade onlookers. From Greenwood Seafair VIP Parade Kids to Roadside Chainsaw Woodcarvers, the whole PEMCO gang wore their favorite NW Profile t-shirt.

The parade was definitely a good time, and before it started, we had the opportunity to meet Dan Kemmis, the man behind our Desperately Seeking Sasquatch NW Profile. Some of you might recognize Dan, not only as the face of Desperately Seeking Sasquatch, but he's also very well-known as the Seattle Santa. That's right, Dan travels around making appearances as Santa Claus, and when he's not busy being Santa, he's busy creating podcasts, producing media and supporting local non-profit organizations. While we're used to seeing Dan with his camera and binoculars in-hand, this time he was walking in the parade as a gnome. Yes, Dan is a man of many trades, from Desperately Seeking Sasquatch, to Santa Claus, to a garden gnome!

It's always fun meeting the people behind our NW Profiles at events. We had a blast and look forward to even more fun summer events; we wonder which NW Profile we'll see next!

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