WALLY celebrates PEMCO Kids!

The WALLY team kicked off the month of August celebrating Kids' Day at all three PEMCO locations; Spokane, Lynnwood and Seattle. The team had a blast hanging out with the amazing kids of PEMCO employees, who spent the day touring the offices, observing their parents at work, and of course, stopping by the WALLY and JRWALLY vans for some fun. One of the highlights of the day was sharing with the kids how the “We’re A Lot Like You, A Little Different” ad campaign came about.

While touring the offices was a lot of fun, we heard that one of the favorite activities of the day was spinning the prize wheel!

The WALLY team often makes appearances at PEMCO's Seattle office, so it was really exciting to go to the offices in Spokane and Lynnwood. We loved meeting even more wonderful PEMCO employees and their kids!

by  Hailey Huntington



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