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Wake up, teens! 5 signs that you’re too tired to drive

Wednesday, October 26, 2016by  Sharlyn Petit

With Daylight Saving Time turning back our clocks on Nov. 6, the daylight that typically aligns with our routines starts to have a sneaky effect on our alertness behind the wheel.

Though we gain an hour of sleep, it means darker drives home and heavier eyelids as our internal clocks try their best to adjust to the change.

Drowsy Driving Prevention Week (promoted by the National Sleep Foundation) reminds us that most people aren’t great at determining when they’re too tired to drive.

They share key warning signs to look out for – young drivers especially should take note since more than half of fall-asleep crashes involve drivers ages 25 or younger.

Know the teen drowsy driving facts – you may be too tired to drive, if:

  • You have trouble focusing, keeping your eyes open, or your head up

  • You yawn or rub your eyes repeatedly

  • You find yourself daydreaming or your thoughts wander

  • You drift from your lane, or miss signs or exits

  • You turn up the radio or roll down the window to stay alert.

It’s a combination of physiology and inexperience that puts teens at risk for distracted and drowsy driving, but we’ll all feel the effects of darker days. It’s important to pull over at a safe place or switch drivers if you notice signs of fatigue or drowsiness.

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personJill Mansfield10/27/2016 09:31 AM
Great advice for adults too! Sometimes our teens keep us up too late and we have to pick them up when we feel some of signs of fatigue.

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