Voodoo Doughnut bound for Denver

A decade ago, doughnut aficionados crowned Krispy Kreme the trendy treat.
   Then Seattle fell for Top Pot, while Portland soon drooled over Voodoo.
   Now Voodoo is expanding to Denver.
   Known for its offbeat décor and pink boxes as well as its odd but scrumptious doughnuts, Voodoo currently runs two Portland stores and one in Eugene. When asked “Why Denver?” co-owner Tres Shannon said Denver has a young population and is health-oriented “sort of like Portland – ironic, since we sell doughnuts.”
   Time Magazine lists Voodoo Doughnut No. 8 on its “10 things to do in Portland” list, citing its “kooky essence of Portland.”
   Read about Voodoo’s Denver expansion in The Oregonian article.

by  Jon Osterberg



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