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The WALLY team gears up for Halloween at the Shoreline Monster Dash

Friday, January 1, 2010by  Hailey Huntington

people dressed as superheroesThis past weekend, the WALLY team attended the Zombie Preparedness and Family Safety Fair in Shoreline. This fun spin on safety preparedness played a perfect fit for the upcoming Halloween season. To kick off the morning, many people participated in a 5k Monster Dash.

We really enjoyed seeing everyone’s costumes, including many families who dressed up as a group! One family was dressed as the Incredibles, and another as a group of firefighters.

With Halloween right around the corner, many people are busy planning their costumes. If you’re looking to bring out your creativity, Do It Yourself costumes are a great way to save money while having fun making them! Some simple ideas for DIY costumes this year are:

  1. A Loofa – simple, yet original.

  2. Minions from the movie, Despicable Me – As long as you don’t try and steal the moon.

  3. Beanie Babies – there’s plenty of characters to choose from!

  4. Animals – cats, dogs and even bunnies!

  5. Television/Movie Characters – wouldn’t it be fun to be a superhero for the day?

There’s two weeks left until Halloween for you to get your costumes ready, what will you be?

 family dressed as The Incredibles

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