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The WALLY Team attends the annual Petal Pedal scenic bike ride

Wednesday, June 18, 2014by  Taylor Orian

Over the weekend the WALLY Team attended the annual Petal Pedal scenic bike ride in Silverton, Oregon. Both the start and the finish line were located at the entrance of The Oregon Garden, an 80-acre botanical delight. While the views of the picturesque gardens and flowers kept the WALLY Team fawning, it’s the variation of bikes pedaling in that kept surprising us all day!

Over the years, the WALLY Team has attended numerous biking events and we’ve started to take notice that there isn’t just one type of bike you can ride – there’s more! It got the team thinking, if we were to embark on a 30-mile (probably), 50-mile (maybe), 70-mile (probably not), or 100-mile (ABSOLUTELY NOT!) bike ride, what sort of bike we would choose.

The following is a list of our top three choices of potential bikes we’d pick to activate the inner Recumbent Bike Commuter in all of us:

The Recumbent:

This is the bikes of all bikes. You just can’t beat sitting back relaxed and working out at the same time! Just don’t forget your safety flag!


The Tandem:

Two seats are better than one! This unique bike makes riding fun since you can have someone come along with you for the ride! But be careful of the speed it might bring!

The Road Bike:

If you’re someone who likes the idea of traditional, the road bike is your best bet! Not only can you use it for your commute, but also touring through trails in the Northwest and participating in bike rides such as the Petal Pedal!

We hope to see you and the different bikes you choose to ride in the Seattle to Portland ride that's coming up in July! Don’t forget to stop by our PEMCO booth so we can photograph you and your pedal buddies!

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