The PEMCO Brand Ambassador's guide to beating the heat

As PEMCO Brand Ambassadors, we've learned a few things about surviving (and thriving!) in summertime's hot weather. 

Sunrise over Cascades

Gathered from trips east of the Cascades and enduring Seattle's recent swelter, here's our 'top seven' countdown to staying cool when the temperatures rise:

7.  Grab a refreshing iced coffee to start the morning out right.
6.  Use sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Remember to re-apply throughout the day.
5.  Keep a 24-pack of water bottles and a cooler filled with ice nearby. Hydration is key!
4.  Stay simple - wear weather-appropriate clothes and shoes.
3.  A spray bottle fan. What a simple, yet highly useful, invention!
2.  Shades! Wear sunglasses to save your eyes from the sun's glaring rays.
1.  Pick up a PEMCO Sun Kit - stocked with sunscreen, blistex, and other first-aid goodies.  Get yours at the PEMCO booth at Seafair this weekend. Look for our big green van in Genesee Park on Lake Washington!

Stay cool Northwesterners!  Visit us this weekend at the Seafair Chevrolet Cup and Key Bank Air Show from July 31 - August 2. 

Have another fool-proof way to stay cool when it's hot? Share it in the comments below!

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