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A farewell letter from our 2017 Intern Group

Friday, September 1, 2017by  Carolyn Qi

​In recent years, we've welcomed a new batch of interns each summer in various departments. Over the course of 12 weeks, they jump right in to their teams and we're always amazed by the impact they make and their contributions to PEMCO – and this year was no exception.

Hear how their experience was in their own words – we will miss you all! 

Dear PEMCO,  

2017 Intern GroupWalking in on our very first day, we never expected our 12 weeks would fly by so fast. At the time, all we felt was nervous excitement. What were we going to do this summer? Who would we work with? We couldn't wait to get started on our team projects and meet our entire department.  

With that, the six of us began our journey – working in a corporate setting, finding work-life balance, and tackling business problems. 

We spent the first two weeks learning about our departments and meeting our new colleagues, sitting with them at lunch and chatting about our outside-of-work lives. We also got lots of advice – from which books to read to what (and how much) insurance to buy. Whether it was a technical question or a relationship management issue, we always had someone to answer our questions and provide thoughtful guidance. 

As a group, we worked together to make recommendations for a new recognition program for PEMCO. We interviewed employees across the company, gaining insight from veterans and newbies alike. Outside of our work, we got the chance to volunteer at Washington Business Week and Queen Anne Food Bank, which allowed us to give back to our community.

Individually, we worked on projects like competency models for the Learning and Development Department, searchable databases for Marketing, analysis of claim losses for Product, and call volume tracking for Sales and Customer Service.  

We also got advice for improving our LinkedIn pages and updating our resumes from real recruiters, and got to meet past interns at a summer reunion. We may have started off as complete strangers, but these past 12 weeks have made us best friends.  

We're thankful for all the opportunities PEMCO has offered us. From mentorship to coursework and classes, PEMCO has helped equip us for the next steps in our careers. We have more confidence in ourselves—and one another—that we'll find our place in the working world and excel at any task we're given.  

It's always tough saying goodbye, but all good things must come to an end. When we walk out, we'll still hold the passion and the work ethic that we came in with, but we'll have increased our abilities and knowledge.   

Intern GroupAs we head back to school, we'll be able to find new understanding of our studies, now that we've seen how they're applied in the real world. Thank you, PEMCO, for giving us this internship opportunity.   

This is not a goodbye, this is a see you later, for we're sure we'll see everyone again!


Carolyn, Aleana, Peipei, Erin, Shanshan, & Leah

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personShar09/05/2017 09:53 AM
BRAVO to this year's group of interns! You all did an amazing job and made a lasting impression on PEMCO and your colleagues.

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