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Taste Washington: I'm glad I came, sorry to leave and eager to return

Wednesday, June 24, 2009by  WALLY Team

There's a quote by Louis Davenport that says "'In all things, the hotel sincerely tries to so well please its guests that they will be glad they came, sorry to leave and eager to return."


That's truly the feeling I came back with after I attended Taste Washington at the historic Davenport Hotel in Spokane.  The hotel's 1920s glamour mixed in with the vibe of modern flair made the hotel a perfect venue for an evening of fine dining and a celebration of Washington wine.


Davenport Hotel in Spokane for Taste Washington


During the course for the evening, I was able to spot several different wine-tasting styles -- the swirl-sippers and the pursed-lip taster-tester, were just a few among many. Of course, since I was there representing PEMCO, this is as close as I got to a full-bodied cab, but I did learn a great deal about our state's wines from talking with some of the 450 guests.


We did, however, get to taste the great food. Twenty-five noted restaurants from across Washington state prepared their finest fare for us to sample, and we at the PEMCO booth were quick to oblige. From sweet to savory and everything in between, the food was absolutely heaven. Each restaurant offered a hearty sampling of a featured dish, which guests paired with a wine pour from one of the many wineries at the event. By the end, I'm convinced everyone's appetites were satisfied!


Insurance may not have been be the most logical pairing for a wine event, but PEMCO's support of Taste Washington turned out to be quite a good match! At first people were confused about the interesting combination, but after we explained the 'WALLA WALLA WINE WINE WOMAN WOMAN' connection, they were more than happy to spin the wheel for a prize.  Some even remembered our sponsorship of the event last year.


Looking back at my trip, I'm so thankful that I was able to attend this event. I had a blast sampling the superb selection of food and mingling with people from Spokane.  I may be back in Seattle for now, but I'm eager to return to Spokane!

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