Study finds only 42% of parents register kids’ car seats

by Sharlyn Petit
     While some parents wish time would slow down and their teens could stay buckled firmly in a car seat forever, others are just trying to figure out how to strap, clip, and install a car seat correctly.
     An important installation step is to register the car seat with the manufacturer. Take the time to send in those little postcard-sized registration forms. You’ll hear directly from the manufacturer if a recall occurs, and they’ll provide all the repair or replacement info you need. If you’ve lost the card, you can register online here.
     A study conducted by Safe Kids Worldwide found only 42 percent of parents filled out and returned their car seat registration cards. That means the other 58 percent of parents run the risk of not knowing about a recall. Hopefully they’ll hear through the grapevine or from news outlets instead of directly from the manufacturer.
     The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported more than six million car seats were recalled for safety defects in 2014 – and fewer than half of those seats received needed repairs. More important than knowing about a recall is taking action.
     We love this tip from Safe Kids Worldwide: take a photo of your car seat label and save it on your phone for future reference. Smart!
     Here are some other recall resources:

  • Free car seat check-up events, workshops, and checklists.
  • Sign up for monthly recall email alerts (for a variety of products along with car seats).
  • Lists of latest recalls and product recalls by year.


by  Jon Osterberg



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