Stifled by red tape, girl gets braces anyway

An 11-year-old Lake Oswego girl now has the braces she wanted, after testing Portland's city code.
   Madison Root cut and packaged mistletoe from her uncle's Newberg farm, then went to Portland Saturday Market on Nov. 30 to sell it. She'd sold seven bags at $4 each when a security guard shut her down for not having a permit.
   Madison's dad told The Oregonian his daughter simply wanted to help pay for her braces, and that an exception should have been made.
   "She was selling mistletoe and all around her were people playing music for money, or asking for pot, or just spare change," he said. "We're allowing people to beg, but not to sell."
   Root's daughter cut to the chase. "The city laws are supporting begging and are against working," she said.
   No matter. Once word got around, Madison reached her goal anyway. One man contacted her and bought 30 bags of mistletoe, and the owner of an Estacada Christmas tree farm donated $1,000.
   On Dec. 2, Madison went to the orthodontist and got her top row of braces.
   Read The Oregonian story.

by  Jon Osterberg



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