SR 520 high-rise truss removed for recycling

Driving home last night, I saw an old icon poised to vanish into history.
     Much has been made of the new SR 520 bridge that opened this spring, and I knew that the old bridge, circa 1963, was headed for the scrap heap.
     Okay, actually it's being recycled.
     But still it was odd to be driving east on the new Evergreen Point Bridge Floating Bridge and see the giant red and white Manson Construction crane poised to hoist the western high-rise. That steel truss had truly become an iconic part of the cityscape over the past 53 years.
     Later last night, workers lifted the truss and set it on a barge. Soon, the rest of the bridge will follow, one section at a time.
     Check out recent 520 deconstruction photos from WSDOT.
Bottom photo courtesy WSDOT

by  Jon Osterberg



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