Clean your home and de-stress at the same time

May 25, 2022 by PEMCO Insurance

Spring cleaning gets rid of stress along with the mess

Cleaning the house allows you – literally – to wash away some of your anxiety. Studies cited in Good Housekeeping say the combination of repetitive, mindful movements and the sense of control gained by tidying your environment leads to feelings of well-being. Removing clutter feels satisfying because we perceive it as taking care of “unfinished business.” 

As loss-prevention experts, we’re big fans of decluttering, too, since clean homes mean safer homes. They’re less likely to present liability dangers (trip and falls) or mask hidden hazards like insect or rodent infestation.

What’s the best way to tackle an out-of-control space?

1)    Gather what you need to get the job done. Before you start, make sure you have things like window cleaner, dusting wipes and a fresh bag in the vacuum cleaner. If you need storage solutions like bins for the kids’ toys or folders to file paperwork, grab those, too. Running out of supplies midway or having nowhere to store things means stopping before you’re ready – another source of stress!

2)    Tackle one room at a time. Rather than dusting the entire house, get one room truly clean before moving to the next. It’s more satisfying to see finished results than widely spread but marginal improvement.

3)    Remove clutter first. It’s the fastest, most noticeable improvement! Sort items into boxes to keep, donate or throw away. Things in the keep box will need to find long-term storage.

4)    Clean top to bottom. By saving the floor until last, you won’t have to re-clean to get rid of dust and cobwebs that might float down.

5)    Set a time limit. The messes didn’t happen overnight and, realistically, the fix won’t either. Start with 30 minutes, since it’s long enough to see results but not so long you’ll feel overwhelmed. Other people like 15-minute sprints three times a day – great for a productive stretch break on work-from-home days.

How can I keep things clean once I’m finished?

6)    For tasks that take less than a minute, do it right then. That might be hanging up a jacket, loading your lunch dishes into the dishwasher and sorting junk mail straight into the recycle bin. 

7)    Make daily sweeps through clutter zones. Don’t let mess-magnets like the bathroom counter (hair products, makeup) or entry way (kicked off shoes) get out of control.

8)    When you buy something new, get rid of something unused. Clothes that haven’t made it out of the closet for a year are great candidates for donation.

9)    Reframe cleaning as self-care. Living in a soothing, tidy space is great for your mental well-being, just like exercise and eating right. 

10)    Ask for help. If a cleaning service is within your budget, consider bi-weekly or monthly visits to knock off chores you find hard to manage. That might be things like scrubbing the bathtub and shower doors, cleaning window blinds or wiping down cabinetry. 

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