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Spotted: Year-Round Shorts Duuudes and Type ‘A’ Yoga Girls

Friday, January 1, 2010by  Carolyn Qi

All of us on the WALLY team love relating to our favorite Northwest Profiles and can identify which ones match up with ourselves and our team members. When we are out and about in the Northwest we also love spotting people who fit one of our quirky profiles and usually congratulate them on being “one of us!”

We recently released 2 new Northwest Profile mugs, Type ‘A’ Yoga Girl and Year-Round Shorts Duude. The mugs are available at Bartell Drug stores and were featured in their weekly ad on page 9! These profiles will be added to last year’s which included First Snowflake Freakout Lady, Super-Long Coffee Orderer, and Sandals and Socks Guy.To celebrate the additions to our mug collection we wanted to find and learn more about Year-Round Shorts Duuudes and Type ‘A’ Yoga Girls. We enjoyed meeting people who were great examples of people in the Northwest and gave them a matching mug and Starbucks card for being "a lot like us, a little different."  

Customer shoing WALLY Short and pride 

Rain or shine Lance wears shorts every day! His only exception to wearing shorts year round is when it snows, a stark contrast to the First Snowflake Freakout Ladies.

Customer showing WALLY cup 

Mayank was ecstatic that we noticed his shorts on a chilly Seattle day. While his Amazon coworkers were all wearing pants, Mayank was proud to be considered a Year Round Shorts Duude and his new mug made his friends wish they wore shorts year-round too.

Group standing in front of WALLY truck with yoga mats 

We caught Samantha, Sarah, Mika, and Deshaun heading back from their yoga class, yoga mats in tote of course. Samantha and Mika even got out their mats to show us their favorite poses. They were careful to do every step correctly just in case their yoga instructor saw! Samantha demonstrated the cobra pose and Mika showed us a high lunge.

Customer holding WALLY cup in front of Whole Foods 

Cody was a great example of a Year-Round Shorts Duuude, upper body bundled up in a jacket and shorts. He gave a thumbs up for all the other short-wearing dudes out there for being able to brave the rainiest, grayest Seattle days.

Be sure to stop by Bartell Drugs to grab your own set of the new NW Profile mugs to add to or start your collection! And with the holiday season coming up fast they make a great gift for your Northwest friends and family.  

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