Spokane online startup serves ‘beard culture’

A new Lilac City startup, Beardbrand, caters to men with beards. Not so unusual.
   But a Spokesman-Review article highlights a few quirky facts that depict a company that’s perhaps a little different. For example, its target market. Ever heard of the term “urban beardsman?” No? Beardbrand serves white-collar workers who sport facial hair.
   To clarify, owner Eric Bandholz characterizes them by what they’re not: hippies, bikers, lumberjacks, or the homeless.
   Bandholz currently sells advertising space in his beard for a nonprofit.
   Among Beardbrand’s products is an all-natural scented beard oil that helps to prevent split ends and “beard dandruff.” You also can buy mustache wax, grooming kits, and more. To see for yourself, visit beardbrand.com.

by  Jon Osterberg



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