South Lake Union Block Party: Forecast Calls for Fun

We didn't have to travel very far for a good time last Friday night. Danielle, Peter and I drove the WALLY1 van around the corner to Denny Park for an evening of outdoor movies, games and food at the 6th annual South Lake Union Block Party. A delicious assemblage of local eateries fed the picnic vibe with tasty samples ranging from cool ahi tuna to fiery chicken wings.

The scrumptious excuse to get outside was an opportunity to meet PEMCO's South Lake Union neighbors who took a moment to spin the PEMCO prize wheel. We asked Westlake Avenue residents, Charyl and Earl, what they do to beat the heat. At first glance you might have thought it was their wide-brimmed straw hats keeping them in permanent shade, but they simply answered, "We're from Seattle so a little extra sun is all right by us. We aren't trying to beat the heat!" 

Earl was unaffected by the heat even while wearing multiple layers! He wondered aloud if there were any "Year-Round Long Sleeves Guys" like him out there. We suggested he visit our user submitted taxonomy of Northwest types and create a profile immediately.

Here are our favorite snapshots from the South Lake Union Block Party:

Wally team at SLU Block Party 

Another young pirate plunders the PEMCO prize wheel.

Isabelle at SLU Block Party 

Isabelle from Ballard was so proud of her face paint. She told us, "I'm not even blowing bubbles, so my daddy can see it when he gets home."


Lizard at SLU Block Party 

Spot the Lizard wonders if zombies are cold blooded too, as he awaits the outdoor showing of Zombieland.

by  WALLY Team



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