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Sounders vs. Houston Dynamo: Being Different to Make a Difference

Wednesday, August 11, 2010by  WALLY Team

The diverse spectrum of independent fan groups is a hallmark of soccer culture. Nowhere is the differing hue of blue and green exuberance more striking than outside the Northwest entrance at the PEMCO NW Profiles Photo Program. Now in August of our second season capturing shining moments of fervor, we'd like to take few moments to celebrate our energetic peers who've contributed so much to the atmosphere at Qwest Field by showcasing a different fan group each week.

This Sunday at Qwest Field, Peter, Brad and I spoke with K.C. Dochtermann, President of The Legion of Extreme Soccer Fans. You might know him as his eye-catching alter ego, Wotan God of Sound.

Sounders fans at game 

Wotan and The Legion came prepared for another Sounders victory!

Check out our Q&A with President Wotan:

What sets The Legion of Extreme Soccer Fans apart from other supporter groups?
We take a more American approach as opposed to the European model that's popular with some of the other groups. Where groups like the ESC really focus on chanting, we're more likely to dress up and be loud visually.

Are there any secondary objectives The Legion rallies behind?
We recently received 501(P3) non-profit tax status for our charity work with Children's Hospital. All proceeds from our club activities go directly to them.  It's really an equally important, primary objective for us.

Where did you get your inspiration for your charity aspect?
Another well-known Seattle sports figure, Mr. Mohawk, and I were getting a lot of media attention for our outfits. We got together and realized we both have children whose serious illnesses were treated at Seattle Children's Hospital. We decided to create The Legion of Extreme Soccer fans as a way to give back to the organization that helped us so much.

Do you see this type of grassroots fan club charity program spreading to other sports or have you seen it already?
We've come here to support the Sounders, but we don't want to limit ourselves in terms of the amount of good we can do. What we'd ultimately like to see is The Legion expanding within the MLS to create chapters in other cities - especially with Vancouver (BC) and Portland joining the league in 2011.

The generous spirit of The Legion of Extreme Soccer Fans makes a difference in Seattle. And it also makes us proud to say, "WE'RE A LOT LIKE YOU. A LITTLE DIFFERENT."

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