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Sounders vs. Boca Juniors: A Friendly Match Indeed

Friday, May 28, 2010by  WALLY Team

Billowing winds raced through the Qwest Field alley and menacing rain clouds threatened to open their floodgates over downtown Seattle as thousands of people made their way toward the stadium. Dressed from head to toe in bright green and electricity yellow, the Sounders FC fans came ready for anything, even if that meant wind, rain, or plunging temperatures.

On Wednesday night, the Sounders FC took on Boca Juniors of Argentina for an international friendly match. Peter, Steven, and I braved the wind and joined over 40,000 fans to support our home team. Though the conditions were not optimal, Sounders fans proved that, rain or shine, their loyalty and dedication will always remain.

True to the 'friendly match' theme, Seattle's finest Sounders fans showed up at our booth to get their photos taken with smiles on their faces and pleasant attitudes to match. While mingling with the gregarious fans, we ran into Jimmy, Romero, and Jessica of Yakima who made the trek through the mountains to cheer on their favorite sports team. 'We don't get over here often, but when we do, we have to go all out,' Romero said, sporting his Sounders jersey proudly and ignoring the goose bumps rising on his bare arms. 

Jimmy, Romero, and Jessica at stadium 

Jimmy, Romero, and Jessica traveled all the way from Yakima and were rewarded with a Sounders victory

PEMCO Sounders fan at stadium 

Sounders matches always bring out a colorful crowd!

Later in the evening, we also spoke with some friendly coaches from Bothell who were having a guys' night out as a final farewell to one of their fellow coaches who is leaving the Northwest for a job opportunity in Dallas. Though the guys may have to say goodbye to their friend in a few days, we informed them that our new PEMCO 'Overly Fanatical Sounders FC Fan' contest could send them to Houston to meet their friend for the last Sounders match of the season. Talk about a reunion!

Coaches' guys night out 

These Bothell residents chose an excellent farewell match for their friend

Even though Wednesday's match was dubbed 'friendly' and doesn't count against either team's record, the Sounders fans came out in full force.  With positive attitudes, friendly faces, and booming voices, they cheered their home team to a 3-0 victory over the visiting Boca Juniors.

If the harsh weather conditions kept you inside on Wednesday night, you can catch us at this weekend's Ski to Sea event in Bellingham. Don't forget to pack your smiles - along with your raincoats.

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