SNEAK PEAK: Can You Guess the Northwest Profile?

Hi again,

Thanks for sending us your creative guesses about who will join PEMCO's newest group of Northwest Profiles.  It's time to reveal clues for another profile!

We want to know: What recognizable Northwesterners will join 'First Snowflake Freakout Lady' and '50 Degrees Shirt's Off Guy' as new Northwest Profiles?

We're giving you an exclusive peak at a few more photo clues before the profiles are officially revealed later this month. In the meantime, tell us your guesses!

Here's a hint: This NW Profile has been known to double as Profile #5 'NW Male Action Figure' on his days off.

 Shirt Pill  rope pill hint

Give us your best guess in the comments section below.

Thanks for sharing!

Heidi Ob'bayi
Brand Manager
PEMCO Insurance

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