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Seahawks vs. Titans: Signing Off Until Next Season

Monday, January 4, 2010by  WALLY Team

The Seahawks season may not have gone according to plan, but we enjoyed our incredible year with the 12th Man!  As the season came to a close, Peter, Steven and I eagerly greeted Seattle's faithful for one last hurrah.  Our photo program proved once and for all that Seahawks fans are the NFL's finest.

Game-day is always a special occasion at Qwest Field, but the Seahawks took it a step further on Sunday.  The team hosted its annual Fan Appreciation Day to finish the year on a high note.  Our PBA Team let the loyal fans know how much we appreciated their presence all season long, and everything came full circle when the first 'Supercharged Seahawks' photo contest winner of the year paid us a final visit. 

Mark, a season ticket holder for 15 years, has really earned his stripes.  He had one ultimate goal to cap off the 2009-2010 season — he vowed that he would make it onto Hawk Vision during Sunday's game!  We were confident that he would make that goal a reality, considering he was decked out in a green and blue dreaded cap and referee uniform emblazoned with 'Official Seahawks Fan.' 

Seahawks fans with refereeWe have grown accustomed to mingling with 'Supercharged Seahawks Fans' every Sunday, and we will certainly miss our experience as we head into the off-season.

Here's what we'll miss the most:

- The pre-game soundtrack of 'Hawk jams

- Seahawks superhero costumes (including Hawk Daddy, Mr. Mohawk, Mama Blue, and Sea Rooster)

- Children attending their first Seahawks game and getting a souvenir photo to prove it

- Proving that, like all of us in the Northwest, Seahawks fans are proud to say 'We're a little different!'

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth throughout the season.  You made every Sunday special.  Until next time…Go Seahawks!

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