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Seahawks vs. Raiders: Supercharged Fans Show Us Their Supercharged Spirit

Saturday, September 5, 2009by  WALLY Team

They say the early bird gets the worm, but in Touchdown City, early Seahawks fans get something much better - a 'Supercharged Seahawks Fan' photo and a chance to check out PEMCO's WALLY1 van.  

Yesterday evening, Peter, Steven and I headed over to the Qwest Field Event Center to capture fan photos during the much-anticipated pre-game festivities.  The Seahawks took on the Oakland Raiders, and there's no doubt about it — we Seattleites take our football seriously!  We were blown away by the fan's raucous energy, despite the fact the game was a pre-season chance for some friendly competition.  Before the game, we spotted fans adorned with face paint, sporting colored wigs and wearing customized jerseys to showcase their 'Supercharged Seahawks Fan' personalities.  

The most memorable fan of the night was a man who dubbed himself the 'Sea Rooster' — complete with a personalized jersey, beak, and feathers galore.

 Sounders Rooster    The Rooster Sounders 12

We thought we had seen it all until a young lady by the name of Tabitha paid us a visit.  She caught our eye with a gregarious grin of green and blue braces that she proudly showed off with each smile.  Tabitha, a native of Redmond, has been a 'Supercharged Seahawks Fan' for years and decided to show her Hawk spirit in a very unique way!  

Seahawks fan with seahawks gnome

Manning the PEMCO booth is always entertaining, and Thursday's game was no exception.  We kept our ears open all night and captured our top three fan quotes from the pre-game celebration:

  • 'What the heck is a Raider?'  — We heard quite a few hecklers chime in with this question as we snapped photos of diehard Raiders fans who had road-tripped all the way up to Seattle from Southern California for the game.

  • 'Oh, they're priceless'  - One dedicated Seahawks fan told everyone in line at the PEMCO booth that his collection of 'Supercharged Seahawks Fan' photos are priceless mementos of a great time.  'I get my picture taken at every game,' he said.  'They're the best!  I pin them up in my office at work and all of my coworkers are jealous!' 

  • 'This is why I'm the better half.' - A Seahawks fan gave this excuse as she apologized for her husband, a decked-out Raiders fan, who was adorned with a spray painted wig, Raiders jersey and face paint in his team's colors.

As the new trio of PBAs, we relished the opportunity to meet the legions of 'Supercharged Seahawks Fans' — and some Raiders fans too! - and we look forward to the Hawk's season opener on Sept. 13 against the St. Louis Rams. 

Peter, Steven and I are making our next appearance in Walla Walla this Saturday for the Walla Walla Fair and Frontier Days.  We've heard Walla Walla is so nice that you have to say it twice, so with that in mind: 'See you there' and 'See you there!'

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