Seahawks vs. Packers: A Team Effort

It may only be the preseason but the "Supercharged Seahawks Fans" are already in midseason form. On Saturday night, Qwest Field featured a colorful array of fans eager to watch the Seahawks take on the Green Bay Packers. The fans who make up the12th Man proved that they truly are a part of the Seahawks team.

We encountered our largest crowds ever at the PEMCO booth. Seattle sports fans declared that they are ready for the football season as they decked themselves out in anything emblazoned with the Seahawks logo. From metallic Seahawks earrings to blue-and-green striped overalls, we've seen it all! Heck, we've even seen Seahawks tattoos! Now we just wonder what we'll see next.

Seahawks fan with Seahawks tattoo 


Being a fan can hurt so good!

As kickoff approached, we met a group of local football players. Excited about their own upcoming season, they tried to show us how tough they really are. Even though a few of the players couldn't hide smiles, we still know that this is a group of middle linebackers we don't want to mess with.

Local yound football player Seahawks fans
Coach said his team can't lose after posing with him!

It's no contest, Seahawks fans are the best in the N.F.L. But there is a contest to see which Seahawks fan is the most "Supercharged." Be sure to vote for the fan who best represents the Seahawks Nation at

by  WALLY Team



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