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Seahawks vs. Lions: Putting the "Charge" Back in "Supercharged Seahawks Fan"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009by  WALLY Team

After working seven Seahawks games, it's become increasingly apparent that the Hawks wouldn't be the team they are without their legions of dedicated fans. After all, we know how easy it is to be a sports fan in the good times, when your team is on top -- but it's in the hard times that fans show their true colors to rally around their team. This couldn't be truer than with Seahawks fans, who, despite their team's miscues, missteps and misfortunes this season, are not only still cheering for their team, but seem to be getting louder.  

Last weekend Brad, Steven and I were blown away by all the Supercharged Seahawks fans we met as we snapped fan photos in Touchdown City before the Seahawks took on the Detroit Lions.

Somewhere between the two-tone hair, body glitter and sea of blue jerseys it became clear that Hawk fans are as eager as ever to don their best rave green and blue Seahawk colors and cheer on their team. We caught up with one Supercharged Seahawks fan who, with the help of his wife, takes Hawk spirit to a new level. Meet Seattle's self-proclaimed 'Hawk Daddy' and his pint-sized twin, 'Mini Hawk.'

Hawk Dady and mini hawk

'We love coming to the games, there's nothing quite like it,' said 'Hawk Daddy.'

'Hawk Daddy' and his trusty sidekick 'Mini Hawk' have been ticket holders for the past five seasons and have nine different matching game-day outfits. But if you're thinking of bringing your own 'Mini Hawk' to the next game, you better get sewing -- everything 'Mini Hawk' and 'Hawk Daddy' wear is homemade. No doubt about it -- We think they're the best-dressed Seahawks fans around!  For more on 'Hawk Daddy' you can visit his MySpace page at www.myspace.com/seattlehawkdaddy.

Ready to see more 'Supercharged Seahawks Fans'?  Be sure to visit www.werealotlikeyou.com to vote for the craziest, most rabid Hawks fan and to see this week's winner of the 'Supercharged Seahawks Fan' photo contest.  Be sure to catch us next week at the Glitter Gala at Value Village and on Dec. 6 as the Seahawks take on division rivals the 49ers at Qwest Field.

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