Rebuilt Zaepfel Stadium to reopen Nov. 7

A football stadium familiar to high school players since 1962 has bit the dust.
   But a renovated version of Yakima’s Zaepfel Stadium is on track to reopen in time for the 64th clash between Eisenhower and Davis high schools, slated for Nov. 7.
   Originally named Yakima Stadium, Zaepfel opened 52 years ago adjacent to Eisenhower High School and has served since then as the home field for Eisenhower and other Yakima public schools. Rival schools from Central Washington’s Big 9 Conference – Davis, Wenatchee, and Moses Lake, to name a few – have battled Ike on Zaepfel’s grass turf over the years.
   When the new stadium opens, the gridiron will feature artificial Field Turf instead of grass. Read the Yakima Herald-Republic story.

by  Jon Osterberg



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