Pranksters tip over three Smart cars

San Francisco is abuzz with the latest prank: Smart car tipping.
   Residents awoke Monday morning to find that three Smart cars had been tipped over during the night. One resident who witnessed the prank said he saw eight guys in hooded sweatshirts converge on a Smart car, lift it, and set it on its rear.
   "It looks like a dachshund sitting up on its hind legs," he said.
   No one knows who did it, but one victim suspects teenagers.
   "It seems like something some young kids would find funny and do. It reminds me of cow-tipping," she said.
   Smart cars weigh only 1,800 pounds. In comparison, a 2014 Volkswagen Beetle weighs 2,987 pounds.
   Police want the city to know that what some are calling a light-hearted prank is felony vandalism. Repair costs can run into the thousands, and if a Smart car roof is crushed, the vehicle could be totaled.

by  Jon Osterberg



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